Peace Of Mind, Convenience & Energy Efficiency Too

Smart Lighting

Imagine the convenience of turning off all your lights with one tap. Discover the magic of using color to transform the atmosphere of your living room into a home cinema. Or select the optimal light to help you concentrate better or relax after a long day. Even when you’re away, you can program lights to make it seem like you’re actually home. From waking up with light, to helping you throughout the day with task lighting.

Lighting is no longer just a utility for your home. It’s an aesthetic that creates an ideal movie-viewing experience for your family, provides an ambiance that is lively for a gathering of guests, adds cheer to your holiday season, and even sets the perfect mood for a date night.

Convenience & Remote Access

With no touch at all, your home knows when you’re arriving home and sets your lights to lead the way. Motion sensors also provide hands-free illumination to the toilets or kitchen in the middle of the night. Additionally, they’ll trigger lights to turn off when no one is occupying a room, closet, or pantry area.  With Control4 and voice control, you can take hands-free to the next level. Ask your kitchen to light the way when your arms are full. Set the mood easily by asking your dining room to lower the lights to 40%. Or tell your house to turn off every light from the comfort of your bed.

Not forgetting the added convenience that you’ve got this control available from wherever you may be in the world too!

Energy Efficiency

As smart lighting is the energy-efficient option, the estimated 20% of a home owner’s energy bill will see the benefit too!


Why Choose Us?

Designing The Perfect Home Cinema Experience For Over A Decade

We’ve created the dream experience in the homes of many happy customers right across Leinster for many years. 

We carefully select the brands and technology we offer so that all of our customers can enjoy the ultimate escape in the comfort of their own home.


Smart Lighting

Imagine the convivence of setting a mood or controlling all of your lights with one tap of a button.

Smart Home Automation

We create a simple way of allowing you to control many areas of your home including heating, lighting, security, music and TV.

Home Cinema

Enjoy watching films, sport or playing games on your own high-quality home cinema. Our unique installations are designed to your requirements & budget.

Multi-Room Audio

At the touch of a button you decide what music you want to listen to and where you listen to it.


Improving your Wi-Fi connectivity can help you to stream your favourite movies, play multiroom audio or simply work from a home office without interruptions. 

Smart Blinds / Curtains

Electric tracks are ideal for hard to reach, heavy curtains or just for adding a touch of luxury.

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